Our Resource Program now allows you to shop where the designers shop.  Click on our resources today.

“We are now offering more of what we are known for in our private clientele.  This is an extension of our Pierce and Company stores, we are bringing our resources and services from a global scale to you our online buyer.  In our fast paced, media-growing world, we are still about relationships and continuing to make designing special as we make a house a home.  Now, with the relationships we have built over the past 20 years of interior design with our trade partners, we are delivering design in a whole new way”.  Click on our resources and shop!

Jonathan Pierce

How to order:  Shop our resources then contact us via email below or call our office to place your orders.  We offer a quick turnaround for quotes and ETAs.  Orders will be confirmed with an order form to ensure accuracy.  We look forward to serving you.  (615) 567-7419