The Designer

My comfort

It’s 4:00 in the morning, and once again I find myself wide awake, overwhelmed, and…did I say wide awake? This happens to those of us who try to carry the weight of our own little part of the world on our shoulders. Don’t fret, my friends, I do have options here!

You may be asking, “What are my options?” Well, here they are: Lie here panicking over everything I can’t change, zone out to the TV (and most likely end up buying the next new big thing on QVC), find a movie to pull me away from the pinball machine that are my thoughts, raid the fridge (I always have it nicely stocked), or simply get up and move to a room that brings me comfort. There it is, that word—comfort. In all of the craziness that fills our days and nights comfort is our most valuable friend.

So, as I sit downstairs on my beautiful Andrew Martin sofa (yes I am a card carrying member of the “all my furniture has a name” club), I’m immersed in this place I call home. My painted walls are a perfect canvas for the amazing moon-shadow dance of trees, as they sway gently in the breeze of this cool, rainy night. By the muted light of the moon I can see everything that brings me comfort in this wonderful space. Even my schnauzers, who, at times, need to be reminded that the Andrew Martin sofa is mine, and the pillows on the floor are theirs. Take, for instance, the paint color, a very important aspect in any room. It is like a blanket that enfolds the entire room. Color can be soft, bright, or rich. Any of these would be a good option for a finished space. For my room, I’ve chosen off white by Porter. I love this color. It’s clean, but has warmth, and it somehow allows my room to breathe. The more daring of you may get this same effect with colored walls. I prefer for the color of a room to be in the art or accessories I collect. I want what touches my walls to have dimension and a softer color gives my art and accessories the pop I’m looking for. Those of you that know me know my go to color is grey. As we all know, grey is the new neutral (or if you didn’t, you do now)! So, I find myself in a various sea of grey shades. For some this would be boring. For me, it’s comfort.

A tip here: fabric in a room, regardless of color, tells the story of what you love, or what helps you enjoy the space. Therefore, it is important when choosing fabrics to ask your-self, “Am I going to tire of this?” Also, furniture can be pricey, so by keeping it monochromatic you can change rugs and pillows to jazz it all up!