JP & Leann. No, Leann & JP

“It’s not often you get a phone call from one of your clients excited to share the new adventure in their life. I’ve been working with Leann for years. She and Eddie are good friends of mine and they’ve been a great client to my company.

I was extended an invitation to be part of their new TV experience, which will launch on July 17th. Not only do I appear on a few episodes, which are kind of fun and kind of crazy for me because I’m a big fan of pop culture, but I designed the actual interiors of the home that was filmed for the series. As you watch the episodes and see the excitement and maybe a little drama, and all the things that come with reality TV, you will see a little bit of what you would consider to be L.A. style with a little bit of my personal touch. This project wasn’t just about making a beautiful and comfortable set, but maybe bringing a new idea and appreciation for what can be created in a home.

Above all, I want it to be about Leann & Eddie — I want the house to be an extension of who they are together. The house has great texture and warm influences. I had a great team and tremendous help; I could not have done this project without wonderful companies like 60” for artwork and Andrew Martin International.  

So watch and enjoy the show and if there’s anything you see that might interest you, we would love to get you more information about it. I wish nothing, but the best for Leann & Eddie and this new adventure they are on.
Best, JP