jpierceInterior design starts with a dream – a vision longing to be brought to life by one worthy enough to capture that vision and build it for all to admire. Jonathan Pierce has taken dreams and worked to see them come to fruition. Whether it is a personal dream, or the creative vision of a client, you will find Jonathan in continual pursuit to see these mental images brought into the tapestry of the world. He pushes and stretches himself and others to capture creative ideas in order to instigate new and fresh design possibilities.

Already a successful singer/songwriter most recently on Curb Records, interior design has long been a pursuit of Jonathan’s. In 2003 a defining moment came as CMT asked him to be the lead designer on their Ultimate Country Home series. In just 13 episodes, Jonathan was responsible for leading country stars like Deana Carter, Lonestar and Rascal Flatts through the completion of the 3650 sq. ft. home. The experience, with its unique circumstances, produced an elevated sense of the possibilities of interior design. Furthermore, it gave Jonathan the final tools to be able to start the newest piece in his dream, Pierce and Company.

Pierce and Co. is the culmination of years exploring what a designer could do in a person’s home. From designing lofts in San Francisco and New York, to beach homes in South Carolina, Jonathan’s touch of high style and pop culture has been felt throughout the U.S. Moreover, it is his couture styling that has allowed Jonathan the opportunity to work with a variety of clients including recent Nashville, L.A. and N.Y. residents such as LeAnn Rimes, Kings of Leon, Albert Haynesworth (Titans). Each new project is a new canvas awaiting unique ideas to fill it.

Jonathan’s design rests on his understanding that the home is a haven for all people, and he makes sure that when the project is completed, that the space resonates its owner.